Teleport Festival

Mark your calendar for June 16-19. The Teleport Art Car Festival has an obvious bias, but they still honor theme camps and art installations. This event is held near California City, CA on a dry lakebed that feels like the one at Black Rock Desert where Burning Man is held, but the site is superior to Burning Man for a number of reasons:

  1. Cheap tickets! In the $80 range. This basically covers human waste services.
  2. Closer to Los Angeles and San Francisco where the majority of the digital music festival patrons reside.
  3. Held on private land, which avoids all the restrictions that plague events that fall within the public lands jurisdiction of BLM.
  4. Site is near BLM land, so people can tour the public playa at will and retreat from it if federal operatives become problematic.
  5. Near two areas with ample access to groceries, hardware and other services (California City and Ridgecrest, less than 40 minute drive to either)
  6. Participants can come and go as they please, none of that lockdown nonsense you find at Burning Man and their regionals.
  7. Outside services are available. There’s more than one vendor available to rent porta potties from and have them serviced.
  8. No micromanagement. The rules are very loose. None of the extreme vetting required to participate in something like Burning Man or one of their regionals.